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What We Do

Resume Strategists helps executives and experienced professionals to brand and market themselves effectively in order to drive career advancement.

With a strategic and personalized approach, we help you strengthen your personal brand to make powerful impressions on prospective employers and professional contacts.

Benefits of Working With Us

It’s hard to communicate your value and experience objectively, whether writing a resume and LinkedIn profile content or talking about yourself when networking and interviewing.

Resume Strategists helps you identify your most marketable skills, strengths and accomplishments. Recognizing your value β€” and knowing how to talk about it β€” is a distinct competitive advantage.

We understand what hiring managers and decision makers are looking for because we’ve been β€œon the other side of the desk.” This informs how we write resumes, LinkedIn profile content and bios, and drives the guidance we provide so you can achieve your career goals.

Career Advancement Services

Resume Strategists helps executives and experienced professionals who are looking for a new job or want greater visibility to attract clients, grow business and pursue speaking opportunities.

Our services are packaged to meet various professional needs and may include:

  • Resume & LinkedIn Profile Creation
  • Personal Branding Strategy
  • LinkedIn Content Engagement Optimization
  • Career Consulting & Executive Coaching

For more details, visit Our Services

Corporate Services

Our parent brand, Point Road Group, is a unique branding firm that helps companies make powerful brand impressions through their executives and teams. We provide virtual and on-site presentations and training, LinkedIn optimization, customized outplacement and more.

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