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It’s hard to be objective about your career

Who We Work With

Whether you want to find a new job, board role or elevate your professional presence, Resume Strategists will partner with you and provide the career consulting and personal branding support you need to achieve your career goals.

Developing a strong personal brand and preparing for the next step in your career often take a back seat when you’re an executive or manager with a demanding schedule. Leave the heavy lifting to us to achieve results more quickly and efficiently — and have a better understanding of the true value of your skills, talents and experience.

Our career consulting and personal branding guidance takes the weight off your shoulders so you can remain focused on your own areas of expertise and current responsibilities.

Are You Experiencing These Challenges?

Our clients face all kinds of hurdles when considering the next steps in their careers, such as:

  • I have no idea where to begin updating my resume. I haven’t touched it in years.
  • How do I position my skills and experience if I want to change careers?
  • I haven’t been that active on LinkedIn but I want to up my game and be more visible. What should I do first?
  • I’ve only worked at one company. How do I bring together everything I’ve done and tell the right story on my resume and LinkedIn profile?
  • I was laid off recently and went through outplacement, but I’m not being effective in my job search. I need to change what I’m doing, but don’t know where I’m going wrong.
  • Now that job searches are almost entirely virtual, I’m overwhelmed by the process. How can I network effectively and ace virtual interviews?

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, we can help.

  • Advertising
  • Arts
  • Biotechnology
  • Communications
  • Consulting
  • Consumer Products
  • Education/Research
  • Energy/Utilities
  • Engineering
  • Entertainment/Sports
  • Fashion/Beauty
  • Financial Services
  • Government
  • Health/Nutrition
  • Hospitality
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing
  • Media
  • Medical/Healthcare
  • Military/Law Enforcement
  • Non-profit
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Publishing
  • Public Relations
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation
  • Alyssa Gelbard is an expert in her field and I highly recommend her to anyone beginning or in the middle of a job search. My search was stalling and I realized that I needed help defining my personal brand. A friend of mine recommended Alyssa and after I saw her participate on a panel at a Women In Communications event, I called her and we began working together. It was such a pleasure to work with Alyssa – she is a consummate professional, a skilled listener, an expert marketer, a true partner, and one of my biggest cheerleaders. She is always responsive, encouraging, knowledgeable, and wise about the search process. Alyssa worked with me on every touch point for prospective employers – my resume, my LinkedIn profile, my cover letters, and interview prep. My dense resume became a succinct personal brand statement with a summary paragraph that I could never have written on my own. Her advice on how to effectively mine LinkedIn was instrumental in my job search and her interview techniques and insight boosted my confidence level during the interview process. I enjoyed working with her and I cannot recommend her highly enough!”
  • I haven’t looked for a job since my twenties – and was daunted. The Resume Strategists team took me by hand and competently, confidently and empathetically lead me through. My new resume represents my full career, I’ve got a snappy LinkedIn profile and am clear on the next steps of my career change. Thanks to the team—they are first rate.”
  • When you need to write a resume that fully demonstrates your unique value proposition to prospective employers, you’ll be doing yourself a big favor by working with Alyssa Gelbard. True to her company’s name, Alyssa is a remarkable strategist whose approach to resume writing begins with a very deep dive into your work and life experience that takes the process of nailing down exactly what you want from and can offer at your next job to a whole new level. Only after this first step is complete do you roll up your sleeves and get down to the business of crafting your resume, which is then perfectly tailored to the strategy you and Alyssa have worked out together. As Alyssa says, even a top notch professional marketer can struggle with personal branding, and Alyssa excels at listening to her clients, understanding what they need, and then coming up with a rock solid plan to market themselves. Whether it’s crafting a spectacular resume, giving invaluable advice on interviewing and networking, or offering perspective and insights on your experience that help you not only define but implement your particular job search, Alyssa is a joy to work with and an incredibly supportive and encouraging person to have in your corner. Look no further if you want the very best.”
  • This review is long overdue. I met with Alyssa about a year ago when I began my job search in earnest. I was willing to invest the money in my future that I needed to do in order to get to a place I needed to be. When you are at the mid-advanced point in your career, chances are you have a LOT of experience, perhaps in one type of company or one type of field. You might/probably are looking for those “transferable skills” those that can translate and bring value to other companies, possibly those in a different field from where you currently are. This service is pricey, make no bones about it. That is why I don’t recommend it for an entry level, or even someone with only a few years in their career under their belt. But when it is time to get serious about your career, I can’t think of a better person than Alyssa for this job. Even if you have one of those jobs (sort of like I do) that no one really understands what you do, trust me, Alyssa gets it. The first version of my revised resume I received back from Alyssa was jaw-dropping. I kept saying to myself, over and over again, “Yes, I really DO that in my job!  I did that!”  I just didn’t know how to put that into actionable, appealing terms to a potential employer. Alyssa’s command of this is masterful.  She really takes the time to speak with you and get to know you, and really go through your job history to get a great feel for who you are and what you do. Alyssa doesn’t just review and completely redo your resume. She will help you set up your LinkedIn profile so it is more appealing to recruiters and companies. All of these things matter and count. If you want a full, 360-degree approach to redoing your personal brand, Alyssa is one of the best I’ve seen.”
  • I feel very grateful, relieved and happy that I got a new job! I know I did my homework and put a lot of effort into finding it, but I could not have done it without Alyssa’s input, guidance and feedback, so thank you again! And I think this transition exceeded my expectations, I don’t feel like I’m starting over, it’s an interesting and stimulating opportunity. I enjoyed working with Alyssa. I think she’s very creative, gives good advice and is able to work with individuals with a broad background, my background is in science. She helped me narrow down what types of jobs I can apply for, which made my job search a lot more clear. Her approach also allowed me to open up my options as I transitioned from teaching and research to a new role. Alyssa is a good listener, I like that she didn’t just ask me for a copy of my resume but instead wanted to hear the story of my career so far.”
  • I just wanted to let you know that I was offered a higher level job than the one I applied for. It will encompass all the things I love doing, but they were so impressed with my resume they offered me a leadership position instead. This is seriously a position that will open so many doors for me and teach me so much. I want to say thank you, Lela. Please forward this to your Director, you are amazing and you now have a forever client.”
  • I have been in the same industry for 15+ years and was looking to make a change – taking the skills I have, but applying to them to a broader and less specific field. Working with Resume Strategists and Alyssa tremendously helped to put my skills and experience on paper with a broader appeal. As a result, I have been able to make connections, get contacts, calls for interviews, and am now well into the job search process.”
  • When I started working with Alyssa I was so impressed with the style she uses to get the information she needs to create an amazing profile/resume. She asks the right questions, engages in a conversation, takes the content and wraps it up in a neatly packaged and amazingly presented profile/resume. Unmistakably the best in what she does, Alyssa does it with an amazingly positive attitude that is contagious and genuine. I love what you’ve done for me and I am forever grateful!”
  • I am so happy that I found Resume Strategists and its founder, principal and the “force” that is Alyssa Gelbard. I had been recently laid off and looking to begin an unexpected job search. The thought of having to re-write my resume and “package” myself was more anxiety producing than actually looking for a job. Then I found Alyssa. She is professional, smart, wise, warm, empowering and able to distill a ton of information and re-state it succinctly and brilliantly. Working with her, I got not only a fantastic new resume and LinkedIn profile, but a renewed sense of my place and worth in my industry. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”
  • I recently had a great experience working with Alyssa. I’ve been working at the same company for 17 years and finally decided to change career paths. I didn’t know where to start and was feeling a bit intimidated and lost. Working with Alyssa boosted my confidence and she identified strengths that I didn’t realize I had. She wrote a really strong resume and LinkedIn profile and helped me get ready for interviews as well. I highly recommend working with her.”
  • When it comes to writing a resume, it’s tremendously difficult to focus on your accomplishments objectively. I had written my own resume but just was not happy with the result. Alyssa helped me sort through my work history and present my professional achievements in a way that was both complete and concise. Best of all, she really got my resume to highlight the skills I’m capable of.  Additionally, her advice for actually going through the interviewing process was extremely helpful. When you’re embarking on the process of changing jobs you’re probably not going to be able to think of everything. Overall I really was happy with her service and would strongly recommend her.
  • The experience was just great. And the support provided was outstanding, too. I was treated as a valued client and not someone who just needed a resume. And, the cover letter with various sections outlined by field of work gave me a template to use for customizing the cover letter while still maintaining a professional appearance.
  • I met with Alyssa when I was shifting careers. Alyssa has created the resume which got me hired at my current position. She has a great understanding of the interview and hiring process. Her coaching and expertise was a tremendous help, throughout my career change. Her expertise and ability to take my past work experiences and translate them into a meaningful resume, landed me in the career of my choice. I highly recommend Alyssa, her skills and services were beyond my expectations.”
  • Capitalize on your assets! We all have assets and accomplishments to feature and with Alyssa’s help you’ll get to the core of it. The time she spent working with me and talking through my career path, I not only ended up with terrific materials, but I was able to see my own value from a different perspective. With her experience, she transformed what had been a jumble of experiences into a well-articulated resume and cover letter. The experience has been a very positive one, as it has helped me further prepare for interviews. This gives me a greater confidence in my abilities and how I speak about myself. I am in the midst of relocating to the East Coast and there is no room for error in hitting my goal; this was not the time for a DIY effort. And frankly, DIY efforts have only netted mediocre results. At this point, with Alyssa’s help, I have noticed an increase in traffic to my LinkedIn profile from searches and I have received very positive feedback about my updated materials (cover letter and resume).”
  • I had such a positive experience working with Alyssa. She did such a great job articulating my accomplishments and was also a great listener who gave some very valuable career advice. I will recommend her services to all my colleagues and friends.”
  • Alyssa’s process for building a resume is flawless. She makes the time to speak with you both in person and over the phone, creating a personalized and effective approach. Her relentless pursuit to assuring you, the client, are satisfied with the result has given me a resume I’m not only proud of, but reflects my career roles accurately and eloquently. Alyssa’s pride in her work coupled with extensive experience is a win-win for anyone looking for a truly professional resume and guidance throughout the resume making process. Highly recommended.”
  • Working with Alyssa was a true pleasure. She is beyond professional and an absolute expert in her field. I cannot recommend her enough. My experience working with her was seamless and simple and the results were outstanding!”
  • I enjoyed a thoroughly professional, thoughtful, personable and efficient experience with Alyssa and her team. I am very pleased with the results and appreciate the time and effort afforded to me.
  • You don’t deserve to find the career you want if you don’t use Resume Strategists! After recently deciding to switch careers, I found myself in a bit of a bind. Unfortunately the many years of corporate experience had been in one field, which only made me valuable to the career I was desperately trying to get away from. I truly believed that I had developed skills which were transferable to any profession, but I wasn’t able to reflect them in my resume and cover letter. I decided to seek out a resume professional in New York City, and I am so grateful I did. Based on ratings and location, I decided to reach out to Alyssa at Resume Strategists. She immediately responded to my inquiry and in our initial conversation, she gave me the confidence that I had plenty of transferable skills amongst any industry. Alyssa was extremely thorough, very reliable, and was genuinely interested in helping me in anyway she could. Alyssa’s prices are very fair, and could easily charge more, as her services are priceless. I can’t thank her enough for her help, and I STRONGLY RECOMMEND Resume Strategists!!!!”
  • Alyssa was great. I didn’t know where to start with my resume. I was lost. She was very patient and walked me through her process. She made me relive all those years of work experience, but I am glad she did. It allowed me to see what I wanted and did not want to do in my next career. She implemented my suggestions and revised my resume until I was happy. I am very happy with the final result. Thank you Alyssa!”
  • I knew my old resume was way too dense, but was getting bogged down in details trying to edit it into something that wouldn’t make people’s eyes glaze over. Alyssa did a great job stepping back and seeing the bigger picture of my career, leaving me with a resume that I believe does an excellent job telling the ‘story’ of my experience and what I can offer. I am hoping to make a career change, and feel confident my new resume shows how my skills can easily transfer to a new position. I am very happy with the results and recommend her services highly. She spent a lot of time with me in our initial phone call, then a few hours going over my work history, and then working with me until I had a resume I was 100 per cent happy with. Overall, it was a surprisingly painless experience – I actually found it helpful because speaking with Alyssa forces you to not only think about your past, but also about where you want to go. Most of my career has been spent internationally, and Alyssa was also pointed out a few things in my old resume I didn’t realize were probably working against me here in the States. Great to have “a local” give you feedback if you’re applying for US jobs for the first time.”
  • As an international customer moving to United States, I was lucky enough to find Alyssa. She is very professional and understands what is required to produce a high quality resumé. I highly recommend her for anyone whether in they live in the United States or abroad.”
  • I highly recommend Alyssa Gelbard at Resume Strategists for anyone looking to revamp their resume as part of a job search. The quality of my final product was top notch. Alyssa framed my experience in ways I had not been able to frame it, and communicated it in language geared perfectly toward the positions I was interested in. She was also very easy to work with, explaining each step she took and leaving each decision open for discussion. The greatest advantage of working with Alyssa was the confidence her process left me with. We exchanged ideas until I was completely satisfied that the resume fit my needs and expectations. I am very glad that I chose to use this service.”
  • Alyssa produced a powerful resume for me, but the most important thing about my experience with her is that she took all of the anxiety and difficulty out of the resume writing process. She spent time to understand my experience and background as well as I do, and created a resume that brings out the unique things I bring to the table. It was a pleasure partnering with her.”
  • Alyssa was great in putting together my first real resume after having been in the work place for more than fifteen years. She developed an excellent resume that framed my experience and highlighted the deliverables I have had in past jobs to help me land the one I want. She is a great listener and very collaborative – very quick in responding to edits or suggestions. Strongly recommend.”
  • Alyssa has the unique ability to listen. As simple as that sounds, Alyssa takes the skill of listening to another level. When one is searching for an updated resume or biography, it is critical to get your experience and what you can offer revealed in the most efficient way. One needs to stand out in this competitive business world and the best first step is to engage Alyssa’s talents to help you expand and maximize your career choices. I strongly urge you to let Alyssa turn her unique listening skill into opportunities for you.”
  • Having never had a resume, the thought of putting 10 years of finance experience on paper seemed daunting. Alyssa made the entire experience stress free and enjoyable. I met with Alyssa and after 2 hours of brainstorming and pages of notes I knew that I would have a resume I could be proud of, and I was right! Alyssa went above and beyond to help me fine tune and draft half a dozen versions of my resume until finally putting together a resume I feel proud to show employers. With today’s job market, we can all use every advantage we can get, and you can feel comfortable knowing Alyssa is your ‘ace in the hole’!”
  • Alyssa has created the resume which got me hired at my current position, She has a solid understanding of how to interview clients and explain in terms a hiring manager understands what their technical skills are. Alyssa is always on time and extremely knowledgeable of what works in a resume. I highly recommend her as a provider of this service. She was able to take the technical financial aspects I worked with and translate them into an impactful resume that got results. I highly recommend her work it is worth the time to speak with her to invest in your career. She got me results in this economic downturn.”
  • I had the pleasure of working with Alyssa on my resume. The work product was excellent and tailored specifically for my needs. The resume proved to be very effective. I was able to land an excellent job with her help. I then hired Alyssa to write my bio for the company website. I was extremely satisfied with the service on both occasions.”
  • I met Alyssa during a very difficult time and my career and I was amazed by what she did to my resume. I thought I had a pretty good one and was skeptical at first, but Alyssa was able to look at my entire career history from a different angle, understand my strengths and weaknesses, emphasize my potential, and at the end come back to me with a completely new resume that looked nothing like the old one. I felt the difference right away — I was noticed immediately by recruiters and hiring managers and, based on my conversations with them, I know that the new resume spiked their interest. I can recommend Alyssa without any doubts to anyone who needs help in his career search — if she did such a fantastic job for me, she can do it for you as well.”
  • As an international customer moving to United States, I was lucky enough to find Alyssa. She is very professional and understands what is required to produce a high quality resumé. I highly recommend her for anyone whether in they live in the United States or abroad.”
  • I first met Alyssa a few years ago when she created my husband’s resume. This was no easy feat because he had never laid out his work experience on paper so she was basically had to start from scratch. In the end he has a resume that portrays his expertise and he’s very proud of it. When it came time to update my resume this past summer, it was a no brainer to call Alyssa. She made me feel very comfortable and confident about the whole process. She is the type of person who just “gets it.” I couldn’t believe how knowledgable she was in so many fields. She is a true expert in Marketing and that was perfect for me. She knew exactly the right questions to ask and our conversation was very thought provoking. In the end, I too am very proud of the resume that Alyssa created for me. It’s been great to see all my hard work come to life on a resume that truly portrays what I can offer! She also gave great career advice!”
  • I was in a transitional stage with my career and was looking for a professional resume writer. I contacted Resume Strategists to help me redo my resume. Alyssa provided fantastic service to me. She was patient and willing to work with my hectic schedule to create what I consider an outstanding product. I would highly recommend Resume Strategists to anyone.”


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